Missing You


Tonight I am really missing my sister, more than usual. I just want to write her a little something and tell her I love her so much. Sorry, I just didn’t really know where else to write. 


I was the first child with one young sister for two years, after our beloved young brother passed away 14 months ago. But that all changed on the evening of Thursday, Mei 21, 2014. My sister was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in April of 2013. She was so strong the whole time she was fighting, she knew it was hard but never give up. I on the other hand was so upset due to I can’t always with her when she got an exams to finished her study. Felt sorry for myself at the time because I had a job at the other city.

I think she has fully recovered, doctors say she was good. But five month later she went back to hospital, became sick again before finished her study. We spent 40 days in the hospital until she was passed away and I wasn’t stayed at home until the day she can’t breathe anymore. I can’t leave my sister at hospital because I didn’t want to lost the moment to see and to take of care her, it’s because I was afraid. I remember how she looked me and the thing I wanted was to found her with smile. What a silly her, because when I did cry she laughed at me. “You don’t even have to try, you already my tough sister.”  Even her doctor said she was a fighter and she lived to catch her dream, she was very cheerful. Ya, she was the strongest girl that I will ever know and she is a constant reminder to me that life just temporary, we don’t need too focus on it because sometime nice and sometimes could be worse maybe. So remember Allah all the time.


“Hi sister, my very best friend always and forever. I miss you so much and think about you everyday. I wish you were here so I could tell you about all the things going on in my life. I am supposed to grow up with you, and now I am grown and you are not here. It honestly breaks my heart. Sometimes I secretly hope it’s just a dream. I wish I could hug you, hear your voice, your laugh, I just wish I could tell you I love you so much and you heard my voice. May Allah always with you, take care of you, give you happiness and serenity. Aamiin.”


Love you,

Your Sister




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