Introduction : My Own Melbourne

Hi guys, my name’s Rini. I have lots of dreams. It’s okay If you judge me as a dreamer, I’ll said it’s true. I don’t know why I grow up like this, having lots of obsession, highly motivation to grow up to be better. I have a dream, this is the most amazing dream that I have ever in the world, which is “Around The World”. Hohoho

Actualy, I just wanna go to Melbourne, Australia. The most comport liveable city, the only city that inspiring me to go there for doing something or bring some mission. But to be honest, I don’t know why Melbourne is very beautiful in my eyes. In 2013, I really want to write down it on my resolution to join in my #PROJECT23, but I think it’s impossible because I have lots of resolutions that must come true before, I guess. So I’ll be patient and wait because Allah is never sleep.

“Dream until the dream come true, and then dream some more.”

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